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Acadia National Park Jordan Pond Maine 2009

Acadia National Park Jordan Pond Maine 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you wanna’ see some of the tallest mountains on the US Atlantic coast (as well as lots of other terrific stuff of course), then head over to Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s great for hiking and climbing, as well as biking, camping, boating, fishing, horseback riding, snow skiing and wildlife spotting. If you do fancy a trip then here’s a little more information to help you with the arrangements;

Directions to Acadia National Park – yes, I’ve told you it’s in Maine, but that doesn’t tell you how to get there, but this page will.

Acadia National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – when’s the best time to go? Is it open all year? Best check on here before you set off.

Acadia National Park Fees & Reservations – how much will a trip to Acadia National Park cost you? Do you need to make a reservation?

Geological History of Acadia National Park – the park will be even more interesting to you and your family if you do a little homework before you go and learn all about the geological history of Acadia National Park.

And now, here’s just a taster of what you can expect when you get there . . .

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