Arches National Park Fees & Reservations

English: Ute tribal rock art taken at Arches N...

English: Ute tribal rock art taken at Arches National Park, UTAH. Picture shows stylized horse and rider surrounded by bighorn sheep and dog-like animals. This was carved between A.D 1650 & 1850. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’d think that somewhere as vast and beautiful as Arches National Park would charge a pretty penny for entrance wouldn’t you? I mean, it really is like no other place on earth, but guess what, it’ll only cost you a nominal amount of cash to visit Arches National Park.

  • Individual entry to Arches National Park, that’s for anybody who is entering the park on foot, bicycle, motorcycle etc., will have to pay $5 each, and that covers them for 7 whole days.
  • Private vehicles have to pay $10 for entry to Arches National Park, which includes the occupants of the vehicle and again is valid for 7 days.
  • Commercial vehicles, naturally, have to pay a little more, depending on the size or capacity of the vehicle. Vehicles licensed to carry 1 – 6 passengers are charged at $25, plus $5 per person. Passenger vehicles which carry 7 to 25 passengers are charged at $40, and any vehicle which carries more than 26 people will have to pay $100 for entry to Arches National Park. Talk about value for money!

Camping at Arches National Park

Right, that’s the entrance fees sorted out, but what if you want to actually stay at Arches National Park for a few days? Camping is available year round at the park, at Devils Garden Campground around 18 miles from the entrance to the park. It’s wise to make a reservation before you get there with your tent or RV, particularly during the busy months between the middle of March through to October. Here’s a little more camping info;

  • Potable water – check
  • Picnic tables – check
  • Grills – check – (bring your own charcoal or wood)
  • Flushing toilets – check
  • Pit style toilets – check (can’t see there being a rush for those)
  • Showers – NOPE!
  • RV dump stations – NOPE!

Hey, slow down, there’s a 15 mph limit close to the campground you know!

Individual Camping Sites at Arches National Park

  • There are 50 individual camping sites at the Devils Garden Campground, for up to 10 people
  • All sites may be reserved between the beginning of March and the end of October
  • Sites are charged at $20 per night
  • You’ve gotta’ make your reservations at least 4 days in advance (with a $9 fee)
  • Between the beginning of November and the end of February some sites are on a “first come, first served” basis

Group Camping at Arches National Park

There are two sites which can accommodate 11 people or more;

  • Juniper Basin campsite can accommodate a maximum of 55 people
  • Canyon Wren campsite can accommodate a maximum of 35 people
  • Group campsite charges are $3 per person, per night, with a minimum of $33 per night
  • Canyon Wren campground accepts year round reservations
  • Junior Basin campground accepts reservations from the beginning of March through to the end of October

A Few Campground Rules

I know that it’s great to get out camping in the big wide world, but there are rules to follow so that the camping experience at Arches National Park is a great experience for everyone, here, now and tomorrow!

  • The speed limit at Devils Garden Campground plus the surrounding area is 15 mph
  • You’ve gotta check out by 10am – so don’t oversleep on leaving day
  • Generators are permitted, but only between the hours of 8 – 10am and 4 – 8pm. The quiet hours for the campground are between 10pm and 6am so ssshhhh, people are sleeping
  • All vehicles including bicycles must be kept on the graveled or paved areas around the campground
  • You can take your pets with you to the campground and on the roads only, they must be kept on a leash at all times and don’t forget your “pooper scooper” to clean up.
  • Fires are only permitted in the grills and fire pits which are provided. Bring your own wood or charcoal, you’re not allowed to gather anything in the park, although you can buy some from the camp host during the summer months.
  • Only camp where you’re allowed to camp, in a designated camping area, and strictly 10 persons per site
  • Water is available but it is scarce so use it sparingly and only refill your jugs or water bottles
  • You’re not allowed to camp in the parking area – parking area is for parking, camping area is for camping – get it?


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