Directions to Arches National Park

LocMap Arches National Park

LocMap Arches National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arches National Park is located in Utah, well, southeast Utah to be a little more precise. It’s very close to Moab, Utah, just around 5 miles to the north of the city actually. Here are a few distances to other places, just to give you some idea of how far you’re gonna’ have to travel to visit Arches National Park.

  • The park is around 110 miles to the southwest of Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • Arches National Park is approximately 236 miles to the south of Salt Lake City in Utah.
  • If you’re travelling from Denver, Colorado, the park is around 360 miles to the southwest.
  • From the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park it’s around 350 miles north to Arches National Park.

Flying to Arches National Park

If you’re just too far away to drive to Arches National Park and fancy hopping on a plane instead, well, you can (but you’ll probably have to drive at the other end of your journey). Commercial airlines travel to Moab (remember, that’s only 5 miles away), Grand Junction and Salt Lake City. Hire cars are available when you arrive for your onward journey (oh, that sounded like one of those advertisements).

Travelling to Arches National Park by Bus is also an option, there’s a Nationwide bus service running to Green River, Utah, around 50 miles from Moab (which is 5 miles from the park, remember) and Grand Junction.

Trains also stop at Green River as well as Grand Junction.

Travelling around Arches National Park

Although Arches National Park is a great place to “take a hike”, most visits do involve driving around the park. Watch out though, parking spaces are limited which is why there’s a pilot shuttle service being tried out, aimed at reducing the traffic congestion in the park. Cycling is another popular alternative, but if you are planning on “getting on yer bike” to take in the breathtaking beauty of Arches National Park, here are a few tips to bear in mind;

  • Try to arrive early in the morning, before the traffic is too heavy
  • Be careful and remember that the majority of drivers won’t be on the lookout for cyclists, only great photo opportunities
  • Try to avoid cycling around the park during the busiest periods – weekends, holidays and peak season (March through October)

Wowee, what a road trip.

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