Badlands National Park – Information

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park (Photo credit: Devin Westhause)

Make no mistake, there are plenty of good times to be had at Badlands National Park. The rugged beauty of the park is a sight to behold, and it really don’t matter whether you’re visiting for the first time (which is amazing), or for the twenty-first time (yep, it’s really that good at Badlands National Park). The park is actually 244,000 glorious acres of mixed grass prairie, the wildlife (both past and present – check out the fossils) is amazing. You’ve just gotta’ go. Here’s a little info to help you out!

Directions to Badlands National Park – knowing where a place is and how to get there is always a great start.

Badlands National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – then you need a little info on when to go for the ultimate experience.

Badlands National Park Fees & Reservations – and of course you need to know how much it’s gonna’ cost, plus whether you need to make any advance reservations.

Geological History of Badlands National Park – and a little background information on the park can really enhance your trip (and make you look like a right smarty pants to the rest of your party).


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