Everglades National Park

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Everglades National Park

  • Where is it?: – Miami, Naples, and Homestead, FLNational Park
  • Special Topics: Endangered Species
  • Recreation Activities: Biking · Boating · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Wilderness Area · Wildlife Viewing

Everglades National Park is like no other place on earth. It is the largest subtropical wilderness (with lots of rare and endangered species) in the US. It’s so important that not only is it a National Park, it’s also an International Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site and Wetland of International Importance – yes, the significance of this unique environment is important all over the world.

So what should the average visitor expect from a trip to Everglades National Park? Well, what do you want? You could spend a couple of hours with your camera clicking away at the fantastic range of wild birds, then you could take an afternoon hike and watch out for the alligators warming themselves in the afternoon sun – really though, do watch out for the alligators, they were there first and are protected in the park. Why not hitch a boat ride while you’re at it – but do remember your mosquito repellent, especially between June and October, the rainy season. Everglades National Park does have its share of tropical storms and hurricanes too so be prepared, but they are actually regarded to have an important place in the future health of the Everglades National Park.

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I wanted to find a video which isn’t full of alligators, and I think I managed . . . did you see any?