Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Glacier Bay taken by myself in September 2004....

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Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

  • Where is it?: – Gustavus, AKNational Park & Preserve
  • Special Topics: Glaciers · Mountains
  • Recreation Activities: Boating · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Hunting · Wilderness Area · Wildlife Viewing

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve is a marine wilderness where you can find tidewater glaciers, deep fjords, snow capped mountains, ocean coastlines, freshwater lakes and rivers galore. I mean, just look at the photo, it’s not everyday you see something like that is it? Amazing.  Add to that the amazing mixture of plants, marine life and wildlife which prefers to stay on “terra firma” and you really do have a wilderness worth exploring.

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve is like a living laboratory, the perfect place for scientists to find out all about the most fundamental geological processes which have happened, and are still happening, to planet earth.  It’s one of the largest internationally protected world Biosphere reserves, recognized as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.  If you do visit Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve then you must pack some warm rain gear with you, whatever the time of year – you have been warned.

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Pretty amazing place huh?

How d’ya like that then . . . It’s enough to make you feel quite chilly.