Grand Canyon National Park

view into Grand Canyon from South Rim, Arizona...

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Grand Canyon National Park

  • Where is it?: – Grand Canyon, AZNational Park
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Biking · Boating · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Horseback Riding · Wildlife Viewing

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Grand Canyon National Park is a hole in the ground with quite a reputation isn’t it? I mean, Robbie Knievel, son of Evel (Evel Knievel, not Doctor Evil, his name was Scott) has jumped over it, Thelma & Louise plunged their 1966 Thunderbird into it (well, if it wasn’t the real Grand Canyon, it sure looked like it), you can take a helicopter ride over it, hike to the bottom of it (if you’re up to it) or just stand and marvel at it. The Grand Canyon surely has captured our imagination for thousands of years. Did you know that it’s 277 miles long, a mile deep and 18 miles wide in places – that’s a mighty big hole in the ground, even by American standards.

Grand Canyon National Park is so big, that the weather can vary from place to place. The summer temperatures on the South rim are generally pretty good, the North rim is higher so usually a bit cooler, and inside the canyon the temperatures go just about off the scale – a bit of a cooking pot!  The North rim road is often closed due to snow in the winter time, November/December until the middle of May usually. It also gets pretty cold on the South rim. Just be prepared that as with many other National Parks in America, the weather can change quickly and with very little warning – so be prepared.

Now, in normal life situations we would say that what goes up must come down, but when we’re talking about hiking into the Grand Canyon remember it’s the opposite, what goes down, must come back up again . . .

If you’re scared of heights, DON’T LOOK NOW . . . and you certainly shouldn’t sit too close to the edge!

How does the Grand Canyon look now? Here is the Grand Canyon cam view.

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