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The Grand Canyon National Park is home to probably the most famous hole in the ground the world over . . . no wonder thousands of people visit each and every year . . . so if you’re thinking of joining them and gazing in awe at this truly remarkable spectacle, then here’s a little more information to help you sort out the trip.

More current news and information on the Grand Canyon National Park Facebook page.

Directions to the Grand Canyon – well, that’s the first step of your visit – getting there.

Grand Canyon Operating Hours & Seasons – you don’t want to follow those directions and then find that the Grand Canyon is closed do you – okay, it would take a miracle to physically close the Grand Canyon, but you know what I mean – roads, visitors center, facilities etc.

Grand Canyon Fees & Reservations – is it gonna’ cost you, and how much? Do you need to let them know you’re coming or can you just turn up with your bivvy sack on spec?

Geological History of the Grand Canyon – how did it actually get there? If you’re not sure then maybe you oughta’ try and find out.

That was just a little taster of what to expect when you visit Grand Canyon National Park – what are you waiting for – go and get planning!


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