Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hula kahiko performance at the pa hula in Hawa...

Hula kahiko performance at the pa hula in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  • Where is it?: – Hilo, HINational Park
  • Special Topics: Caves · Endangered Species · Volcanoes
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Camping · Educational Programs · Hiking · Hunting · Wilderness Area · Wildlife Viewing

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been 70 million years in the making! That’s not when it was first issued with National Park status, you understand, but it has taken around 70 million years of volcanoes, migration, evolution and everything else which is involved to turn a bare land which was once beneath the sea into a place of diverse ecosystem capable of nurturing the people of Hawaii. Two of the most active volcanoes in the world are right here, showing a glimpse of exactly how the Hawaiian Islands were born.  In fact, since the most recent volcanic eruptions in February and March 2011, you are strongly advised that although parts of the park were open, some of it was definitely off limits around that time. Better check out the status before you set off.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park does have other things of interest too you know. The park provides a refuge to the many species of birds and animals, some of which are only found here, as well as a link to the life of humans in the past.

How does the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park look now? Here’s the Hawaii Volcanoes cam view.

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