Hot Springs National Park

Quapaw Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park

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Hot Springs National Park

  • Where is it?: – Hot Springs, ARNational Park
  • Special Topics: Geysers/Hot Springs
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Camping · Educational Programs · Hiking · Horseback Riding

Hot Springs National Park is all about the water. For more than 200 years the therapeutic hot spring water has been used to relaxation and health reasons with the baths being popular among the rich and the poor alike.  These days you can still enjoy the hot springs just how they used to all those generations ago. Go on, treat yourself, you’ll feel better for it, and then you might have the energy to enjoy the many other things the park has to offer.

Incidentally, Hot Springs is the smallest National Park in America, well, it is the only one which is in the center of town.

Hot Springs National Park is in central Arkansas which does have four distinct seasons. Expect hot and humid weather in the summer time, much milder temperatures in the spring and fall, with cold weather quite common in the winter, often dipping below freezing. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the hot springs – they’re inside!

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Would you really like to bathe in the water that someone has used in the hope of curing their venereal disease? I’ll have to think long and hard about that one . . .