Joshua Tree National Park – Information

Rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park.Th...

Rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park.The rocks that look as balls are called giant marbles.

Joshua Tree National Park is a desert, a great big, hot, dusty desert where you can drive, hike, bike, climb, camp, ride a horse . . . you know the sort of thing. Anyway, Joshua Tree National Park is a pretty amazing place, because you might think that deserts are deserted places (that must be where the name comes from), but it isn’t . . . take a look around you and you’ll be surprised at the number of plants, birds and wild animals which have made this place home. Fancy taking a look for yourself? I don’t blame you . . . here’s a little more information to help you plan your trip.

Directions to Joshua Tree National Park – it’s in southern California for starters, and here’s where you need to head to find Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – make sure you know whether the park and facilities are going to be open for when you get there, just in case you run out of sandwiches!

Joshua Tree National Park Fees & Reservations – what is a trip to Joshua Tree National Park going to cost ya’, do you need to give them advance warning that you’re on your way? Check it out!

Geological Joshua Tree National Park – judging by the photo this is a pretty dramatic place, so what’s the story?

Did I mention that there are loads of rocks at Joshua Tree National Park, pretty amazing rocks actually.

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