Joshua Tree National Park Fees & Reservations

Joshua Tree National Park: Climbing Jerry Brow...

Joshua Tree National Park: Climbing Jerry Brown 5.10b route on The Brawn Wall at The Real Hidden Valey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joshua Tree National Park is a very big place to visit, for a very small price. You do have to pay an entrance fee to the park, but then again how do you think they can maintain such a fantastic place without a little dosh?

  • $15 is all that it costs for a 7 day vehicle permit, which includes the passengers. It’s got to be seven consecutive days of entry, counting the day that you purchase the permit and the six days which follow.
  • $5 will buy a single entry permit for anyone who enters Joshua Tree National Park on foot, motorcycle, bicycle or horse back. These are also valid for the day of entry plus the six days which follow. If you’re 15 years or younger you can enter Joshua Tree National Park for free.
  • $30 will pay for an annual pass into Joshua Tree National Park, for a full 12 months from day of purchase (that’s why it’s called annual). This includes the pass signee plus any accompanying passengers . . . sounds like a bargain for anybody who is lucky enough to have access to Joshua Tree National Park regularly throughout the year.

Camping at Joshua Tree National Park

There are nine campgrounds at Joshua Tree National Park with various facilities, fees and booking systems! Each campsite is limited to a maximum of 6 people, two cars and three tents, group campsites can accommodate between 10 and 60 people. Every campsite has a fire grate and a picnic table. There are no showers, although flush toilets and water are available at some campsites, plus the Oasis Visitor Center and the Indian Cove Ranger Station at the west entrance. Group campsites reservations are accepted. Let’s look at them in a little more detail;

  • Belle Campground – has 18 campsites at a cost of $10 per night. This site is on a strictly first come, first served basis . . . reservations are not accepted.
  • Black Rock Campground – has 100 sites for $15 per night. There is water available at Black Rock Campground, plus a horse camp which is also $15 per night. Reservations are available for this campground between October and May, and can be made from six months in advance. During the summer time this campground also operates with the first come, first served basis, (June through September).
  • Cottonwood Campground – has 62 campsites which cost $15  per night. There are also 3 group sites which are charged at $30 per night. This campground also has water.

  • Hidden Valley Campground – has 39 sites priced at $10 per night. This campground is also a first come, first served establishment!

  • Indian Cove Campground – has 101 campsites for $15 per night. There are also 13 group sites available at prices ranging from $25 to $40, depending on the size of the group.  You can reserve your campsite at this campground between October and May, but it’s only available on a first come, first served basis for the summer months (June through September).
  •  Jumbo Rocks Campground – 124 sites at a price of $10 per night, first come, first served.

  • Ryan Campground – 31 campsites here, for only $10 per night. There’s also a horse camp which is also available for $10 per night. Ryan Campground is another first come, first served site.
  • Sheep Pass Campground – has group campsites only, 6 of them for a price of between $25 and $40 per night.
  • White Tank Campground – has 15 sites for $10 per night. First come, first served.

Other Joshua Tree National Park Camping Information

  • RV’s – Dump stations are available at Black Rock and Cottonwood Campgrounds, but there are no electrical hook-ups for RV’s at Joshua Tree National Park. Motor-homes and trailers are not permitted to exceed 25′ at the group sites, and at Hidden Valley and White Tank this 25′ includes the towing vehicle.
  • Quiet Times – the quiet hours on all Joshua Tree National Park campgrounds are between 10pm and 6am. Generators are permitted but use is limited to 6 hours per day, between 7am and 9am, 12 noon until 2pm and 5pm to 7pm.
  • Campfires – campfires are permitted at Joshua Tree National Park but only in the fire grates provided. If you do want to sit around a campfire then you need to bring your own wood, because of the vegetation in the park is protected.
  • Food Storage – your food must be stored in containers which prevent the wildlife from getting hold of it, as with any other scented items.

Back Country Camping at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park covers an amazing 794,000 acres, making it pretty much every backpackers dreamland. Back country camping is permitted at Joshua Tree National Park, but there are a few rules you’ve gotta’ follow for your own safety.

If you plan on being out overnight at Joshua Tree National Park then you need to register at one of the back country registration boards, there are 13 of them within the park. Any unregistered vehicle which is found overnight at the park is in danger of being towed away!

You must locate your wilderness camp at minimum of a mile from the road, and 500 feet from any trail.  Any questions just ask a park ranger, that’s what they’re there for!

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