Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

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Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

  • Where is it?: – Port Alsworth, AKNational Park & Preserve
  • Special Topics: Glaciers · Mountains · Volcanoes ·
  • Recreation Activities: Boating · Camping · Climbing · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Hunting · Wilderness Area · Wildlife Viewing · Snow Skiing

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is a true wilderness with unrivalled beauty – the amazing landscape boasts glaciers, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls. This area is especially important if you’re a Red Salmon among other populations of wildlife and fish. The lifestyle and culture of local residents is heavily dependent on Lake Clark National Park.

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve has not one, but two active volcanoes, Redoubt and Iliamna. Although Iliamna hasn’t erupted you can often see steam coming out of the summit fumaroles, Redoubt, on the other hand, erupted as recently as 2009 when it covered the area with a cloud of volcanic ash.  Don’t worry, both volcanoes are under constant scrutiny to make sure that they’re behaving themselves.

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is also famous for another reason – the Steward Dick Proenneke (you might have read his books or seen about him on the TV) – he built his log cabin with his bare hands and only hand tools, and lived there from 1968 until 1998 when he was the ripe old age of 82 years. That really is what you call getting away from it all in a secluded neighborhood with views (it’s still there – see piccy).

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