Activities At Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Parkis a fantastic place to visit, so here are a few things you might need to know when you get there (you are going . . . right?)

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Camping at Mount Rainier National Park

If you’re planning on car camping at Mount Rainier then there’s a choice of three campgrounds offering a total of 480 sites during the summer months. If you’re thinking of doing a little “glamping” however, think again, ‘cos there ain’t no showers or RV hookups, this is more back to nature stuff. Campgrounds get pretty packed out during the summer, especially at the weekends and on holiday days. The best idea is to reserve your camp site before you get there, there are some “first come first served” pitches but it’s always safest to pre-book.  If you fancy sitting around a campfire you’d better remember to bring some firewood with you, ‘cos you’re not allowed to gather firewood anywhere in the National park. You’d better bring your own water too.

Can I Bring My Dog to Mount Rainier National Park?

Dogs are only permitted at Mount Rainier National Park in the same areas where cars are permitted . . . on the roads, the campgrounds and the parking lots. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times (maximum of 6 feet) and kept under proper control, no staking is allowed. You’re not allowed to take your dog with you on any hiking trails or in the Wilderness, or into any of the buildings or ampitheaters in the park. Service dogs are the only exception (you know, hearing-ear dogs and seeing-eye dogs). A small section of the park is open to dogs (on a leash of less than 6 feet) for people who are undertaking the Pacific Crest Trail, close to the eastern border. So now you know.

Is Fishing Permitted in Mount Rainier National Park?

To be honest, not many fish actually live in the rivers flowing from Mount Rainier, it’s down to the glacial silt, but you might be lucky enough to get a bite in one of the lakes. You are permitted to fish with a line and hook, you don’t even need to buy a license, but you’re not allowed to use live bait, only stuff like artificial flies and lures. Preserved salmon eggs are also permitted to be used as fishing bait.

Are There Any Good Bicycle Routes in Mount Rainier National Park?

The roads around the park are very narrow and in summer the traffic gets extremely heavy, so if you do plan on cycling in Mount Rainier National Park then you’ve gotta’ wear a cycling helmet. There are pretty good bicycling opportunities on Carbon River Road and Westside Road, but the Carbon River Road is pretty rough so you’ve gotta’ be extremely cautious. You’re not allowed to ride your bicycle on any of the trails in the park.

What Is There To Do In The Wintertime at Mount Rainier National Park?

Mount Rainier National Park is a real winter wonderland, Paradise is one of the snowiest places on earth so if you like snow, you’ve gotta’ go! You can expect anything from 10 to 20 feet of snow which makes it perfect for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding . . . all types of winter fun. There are some regulations which you must stick to on winter visits though, you’ve gotta carry tire chains for starters, even if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you do plan on doing a spot of snowshoeing or skiing then you’ve gotta’ check out the avalanche situation at a ranger station, and if the risk is high then think of something else to do (snowball fight . . . yeah!)

I’ve Heard About the Wonderland Trail, How Long Does It Take To Hike?

The Wonderland Trail in the Mount Rainier National Park is a 90 mile round hike, and the amount of time needed to complete depends on the weather, how much snow is around and how the fitness of the hikers. It usually takes a minimum of 10 days, averaging around 8 miles per day or only 6 miles per day across the snow. If you’re planning on tackling the Wonderland Trail you must check the weather and current trail conditions before you set off.

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