National Park of American Samoa

Amalu Bay, Tutuila island, American Samoa

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National Park of American Samoa

  • Where is it?: – Pago Pago, American Samoa, AS
  • Special Topics: Coral Reefs ·
  • Recreation Activities: Fishing · Hiking · Swimming

National Park of American Samoa covers three paradise islands in the Southwest Pacific, jewels of the emerald ocean with glistening beaches, tropical rain-forests, rugged cliffs and coral reefs bursting with fish and other marine life. The park has the enviable task (it’s a bad job but somebody has to do it) of preserving the coral reefs, the tropical rain-forests, the fruit bats (flying foxes) and the wonders of the Samoan culture.

National Park of American Samoa is home to some pretty amazing animals including sea turtles and flying foxes, as well as many other tropical birds and more than 800 native fish. This national park really is in its infancy as far as development is concerned, but surely that’s a huge part of the charm – the facilities aren’t necessarily world class, but the reasons for developing the National Park of American Samoa definitely are!  It really is a fantastic place to visit, fish, hike, swim or just chill. Just one more interesting fact about the National Park of American Samoa, it’s actually on land which is leased from the Samoan villages, that makes Americans the outsiders so please respect the local culture and customs.

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This truly is a place of contrasts – a bit different from the first video isn’t it?