Directions To Hurricane Ridge

So, just how do you get to Hurricane Ridge? Generally the answer is drive “up.”

Directions To Hurricane Ridge

Directions to Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park is only 17 miles south of Port Angeles.  These are some of the most scenic miles you will ever drive.

Once you reach Hurricane Ridge (which is very aptly named so don’t always expect a beautiful, calm day) you’ll get the feeling that you’re on top of the world, for very good reason, you are!

While the weather at the top of the Olympics is often very different that at sea level, you can sometimes sneak a peak with the Hurricane Ridge Cam views.

More current news and information on the Olympic National Park Facebook page.
Highway 101 circumnavigates the Olympic National Park, so just keep driving around and you’ll get to wherever you want to be, all in good time. Okay, I’ll be a little more specific . . .
To reach Hurricane Ridge from Port Angeles you need to take Highway 101 East as far as S Race St, then turn right and proceed for a little less than a mile when S Race St will become Mt Angeles Rd, then almost immediately you need to turn a slight right onto Hurricane Ridge Road. Once you’ve found Hurricane Ridge Road (was it lost?) then you need no further direction ‘cos you’re almost there and you’ll soon come across signs for the park entrance.
Hurricane Ridge runs from east to west along the northern side of the Olympic Peninsula, with Mount Olympus, at 7,965 feet, being the tallest mountain. The rugged mountains contrast with the beautiful fields of wild flowers below making it the perfect place to enjoy a summer hike, however, the weather here is extremely unpredictable and you should always be prepared for a sudden change of temperature and rain or snow.
Hurricane Ridge Road – Words of Warning
Hurricane Ridge Road is open throughout the summer, and is scheduled to remain open throughout the winter during the daytime only – weather permitting. During the winter season it’s compulsory for all vehicles to carry tire chains and always check the status of the road before you set off on your journey . . . because Hurricane Ridge Road does close sometimes due to severe snowfall and hazardous winter conditions.

Oh, wasn’t that great?