Saguaro National Park Fees & Reservations

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Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA

Entrance fees to Saguaro National Park are payable before you can enter either district of the park. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s very good value for money!

Private Fees to Saguaro National Park

  • $10 – will pay for any privately owned vehicle or motorcycle for a full 7 days (including passengers)
  • $5 – will pay for individual entry to the park for 7 days, that’s for those who enter Saguaro National Park on foot or by bicycle
  • $25 – will buy you an annual pass for Saguaro National Park, valid for a full year from the month of purchase

Commercial Fees to Saguaro National Park – these prices are based on the capacity of the vehicle, not on the number of passengers

  • $25 – will pay for a sedan which can seat between 1 and 6 people
  • $40 – will pay the entrance for any van which can seat between 7 and 25 people
  • $100 – is the price for pay for entrance to the park for a motor coach which can seat 26 or more people

Camping at Saguaro National Park

Camping in permitted in Saguaro National Park at six designated campgrounds only, within the Wilderness area of the park. You do need to get a permit for any overnight stay in Saguaro National Park. Permits are charged at $6 per night per campsite, with a maximum of 6 people allowed at any one campsite.

Three campsites are available at;

  • Grass Shack – an elevation of 5,300 feet
  • Douglas Spring – an elevation of 4,800 feet
  • Juniper Basin – an elevation of 6,000 feet
  • Spud Rock – an elevation of 7,400 feet
  • Happy Valley Saddle – an elevation of 6,200 feet

Six campsites are available at;

  • Manning Camp Campground – an elevation of 8,000 feet


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