Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Mt. Go...

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Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

  • Where are they?: – In the southern Sierra Nevada in Tulare and Fresno counties, CANational Parks
  • Special Topics: Caves · Glaciers · Mountains · Wildflowers ·
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Horseback Riding · Wildlife Viewing · Snow Skiing

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks is also known as “The Land of Giants” – they sure do breed ’em big in these parts – not necessarily the people, but certainly the huge mountains. Did I say huge? Yep, HUGE.  The mountains are huge, the foothills are rugged, the canyons are deep, the caverns are vast and some of the largest trees in the world live here.  The Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks are located side by side, and what you can get up to there depends on when you go, and how high you climb!

This is a great place to hike, fish, camp, you know, all of those “get away from it all” types of activities which we need to experience every once in a while. If you’re having a picnic though, do be aware that bears like picnics too. It’s important that you stay close to your food, and when you’ve finished, make sure that all of the trash is safely deposited in the bear proof cans. If bears are encouraged to hang around with the hope of finding some food it’s bad for everybody.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks can get more than their fair share of snow, early in the year, particularly on the high ground so do be prepared for that. Very often you won’t be able to get anywhere without chains on your 4×4, it’s that sort of place.  The foothills are generally milder, wet winters but can get pretty hot and dry in the summer time. Though it doesn’t rain much in the summer, it does happen frequently January through May so always take your waterproofs with you just in case.

Told you, everything is bigger, deeper, taller . . . .

Pretty amazing isn’t it? That gives you some idea of how much fun you could have with your own family, or by leaving them behind . . .

What’s happening in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park now? Here’s the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks cam view.

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