Virgin Islands National Park

Trunk Bay on St. John

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Virgin Islands National Park

  • Where is it?: – St.John, VINational Park
  • Special Topics: Coral Reefs · Endangered Species ·
  • Recreation Activities: Boating · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Swimming

Virgin Islands National Park is an American paradise. The beaches and valleys are absolutely breathtaking, but there’s a lot more to Virgin Islands National Park than swimming, snorkeling and sitting on the beach (which sounds just fine to me), yes, you can also discover all about the ancient civilizations which inhabited St John before the Europeans landed in the region, there are loads of ancient rock carvings from the Taino people, particularly on the Reef Bay hiking trail. Unfortunately, once the Europeans arrived these ancient people were just about driven to extinction.

Virgin Islands National Park doesn’t just include what you can see above the water, it also protects more than 5,000 acres of submerged lands including beautiful coral gardens and seascapes. Snorkeling in these waters is among the best in the world, and in particular, the Trunk Bay underwater trail is the perfect place for any snorkeling beginners to learn more about the wonderful and diverse marine life. There are underwater plaques all along the trail which provide interesting information about what you might see and the coral reefs. Hmmm, can you fit your reading specs under your goggles? Now’s a good time to find out!

The temperate climate around here just adds to making this the perfect destination – with summer temperatures of around the mid nineties, but rarely dipping below the low eighties in the winter time – purrrfect!

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I could not have said it better myself . . .

You’ve just GOT to go . . . Put it at the top of list of things to do and places to see . . . .