Anacostia Park

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Anacostia Park

  • Where is it?: – Washington, DCPark
  • Special Topics: Wildflowers ·
  • Recreation Activities: Biking · Fishing · Hiking · Wildlife Viewing

Anacostia Park is a bit of a double whammy really. It is a wonderful place to visit, play and relax, whilst also serving to protect the water quality and the beautiful natural scenery of the Anacostia River. It’s been a park for around 100 years and, if I do say so myself, it’s doing a brilliant job on both counts. The wonderful variety of wildflowers in Anacostia Park attract some beautiful butterflies every summer, so that’s a great time to visit – the wetlands provide a happy hunting ground for the hungry birds – a very watchable spectacle indeed!

Summers at Anacostia Park are hot (be prepared for a thunderstorm in the afternoons – just in case), but earlier and later in the year you can expect warm days and cool evenings. It gets pretty cold in the winter time, so whatever time of year you visit (and visit you must!) – be prepared.

Wasn’t that fantastic? Don’t worry, such formal dress is not the usual these days – neck ties optional . . .

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