Capitol Hill Parks

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Capitol Hill Parks

  • Where is it?: – Washington, DC

Capitol Hill Parks is a whole bunch of parks in Washington, DC. The four major ones, I suppose, are Lincoln Park, Folger Park, Stanton Park and Marion Park, but it also incorporates lots of other parks and green spaces located between the Anacostia River and 2nd Streets NE and SE. They generally provide lots of urban green space for the inhabitants of Washington, DC, somewhere to relax, learn a little about historical matters or just generally have fun, (hey, I’m not saying that history isn’t fun).

Summer in the city can be hot, hot, hot, and humid, so make sure that you have plenty of water to drink and don’t go rushing around too much – relax and enjoy the stroll. Winter can bring ice storms, so watch out for those, they don’t happen all of the time, but when they do they make walking in Capitol Hill Parks very tricky indeed.

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