Fort Dupont Park

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Fort Dupont Park

  • Where is it?: – Southeast Washington, DC

Fort Dupont Park is one of the largest parks in Washington, almost 400 acres of woodland where you can enjoy a picnic, a hike, a walk (much more sedate than a hike), get on your bike, take a scenic drive, or visit some of the many historic sites. There’s a seven mile trail which links Fort Dupont Park (named after naval hero of the Civil War, Samuel Francis Du Pont) to the other surrounding forts.  There’s also a fantastic community garden project which enables you to have your very own garden plot for a year – nothing like having good reason to get out into the sunshine every week is there?

Fort Dupont Park has warm, humid summers, with cold, but not necessarily severe winters. It can rain at any time so you need to be prepared for a downpour, whatever time of year you visit.

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