Glen Echo Park

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Glen Echo Park

  • Where is it?: – Glen Echo, MDPark
  • Special Topics: Human Rights
  • Recreation Activities: Educational Programs

Glen Echo Park is a bit of a National Park with a difference. I mean, it’s still a great place to visit and has lots to learn and explore, but it’s certainly not your average National Park. The land is naturally beautiful, which is why it was saved in the first place, but it was originally an amusement park right up until 1968. These days it still has amusement park areas (The Spanish Ballroom and the Dentzel Carousel) but is also involved with offering educational facilities. There are classes in painting, photography, pottery, music, textiles plus lots more. That’s not something which you often find in a National Park is it?

Glen Echo Park has the typical Washington type of weather – hot humid summers, cold winters (not necessarily freezing, but freezing cold, if you spot the subtle¬†difference), but don’t let any of that put you off, the Glen Echo Park buildings are supplied with heating and air conditioning to keep you just right. This place is just perfect for listening, learning and having fun.

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Takes you back doesn’t it? I can almost taste the cotton candy . . . oh, feeling a bit sick now!

If you like to take life at a faster pace, go along to Glen Echo Park . . .