Great Falls Park

Great Falls of the Potomac River

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Great Falls Park

  • Where is it?: – McLean, VAPark
  • Recreation Activities: Biking · Climbing · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking · Horseback Riding

Great Falls Park is a real haven, 800 glorious acres where you can hike, ride your horse, ride your bicycle, fish, climb and just generally have fun, and all of this only 15 minutes way from Washington DC. It’s so close, and yet you’ll think you’re in another world.

Great Falls Park gets it’s name from the way that the Potomac River thunders and crashes over the steep rocks and tumbles on through the narrow Mather Gorge.  A word of warning, keep out of the water, it’s extremely dangerous and therefore prohibited to go into the water for any reason. There’s nature, history and lots to explore right on the doorstep of the Nation’s Capital, without getting your feet wet. Just like in the city, summer’s at Great Falls Park can be hot and humid, winters can be mild or extremely cold, so do be prepared for changing weather.

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How about that then? Get on your bike for part of your Washington DC experience . . . That’s what he said!