Inupiat Heritage Center

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Inupiat Heritage Center

  • Where is it?: – Barrow, AK

Inupiat Heritage Center is located in Barrow, Alaska, the rooftop of the world. Barrow is the most northerly city in the USA. A visit here will help you to learn about the Inupiat people and their challenge to survive in one of the harshest and most difficult climates anywhere on earth. They managed for thousands of years, and you can find out how! The Inupiat Eskimos survived by hunting the Bowhead whales along the Alaska coastline, not an easy thing to do, especially in a small, seal skin boat.

Inupiat Heritage Center is a testament to these resourceful people, serving also to inspire the protection of their history, culture and language. There are some wonderful exhibits, performances and classes where you can learn all about them.  As I’ve already mentioned, Inupiat Heritage Center is in Alaska so expect it to be cold, whatever time of year you visit.  Summer is slightly less cold than winter, which can be extremely harsh.  Be prepared with plenty of layers and waterproofs.

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Even when there’s no snow, it still sounds cold doesn’t it???

It gets how cold? ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR BELOW ZERO . . . the mind boggles on that one.  Perhaps it’s best just to go in the summer time, when it’s only a little bit cold.