Mojave National Preserve

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Mojave National Preserve

  • Where is it?: – Southern California between I-15 and I-40; headquarters in Barstow, CANational Preserve
  • Special Topics: Endangered Species · Wildflowers · Westward Expansion ·
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Biking · Camping · Climbing · Educational Programs · Hiking · Horseback Riding · Hunting · Wildlife Viewing

Mojave National Preserve offers miles of desert solitude in Southern California. Apparently, it has singing sand dunes so be quiet and listen . . . as well as a wildflower carpet and forests filled with Joshua trees. The mountains, canyons, homesteads and abandoned mines all make this a truly wonderful place to explore. It’s actually well placed between Vegas and LA, so can provide a little welcome solitude for many urban city dwellers.

Mojave National Preserve is the perfect destination if you fancy doing a spot of camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, horseback riding or just watching the local wildlife.  Why not drive through at your leisure (turn the radio down, remember the singing sand dunes) and take in all of the remarkable scenery at Mojave National Preserve.  It’s often hot during the daytime, cold at night with bright clear skies, but watch out for strong gusty winds which do whistle across the Mojave National Preserve from time to time.

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No, the music isn’t the singing sand dunes, it’s just a backing track silly!!

That certainly had a bit of everything didn’t it? Brilliant.