Noatak National Preserve

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Noatak National Preserve

  • Where is it?: – Kotzebue, AKNational Preserve
  • Recreation Activities: Boating · Camping · Fishing · Hiking · Hunting · Wildlife Viewing

Noatak National Preserve is one of the most beautiful places you could choose for your Alaskan wilderness adventure. Alaska is a beautiful place, and Noatak National Preserve is definitely one of the best of the best. The Noatak River offers unequalled opportunities to float-trip and enjoy what is officially classified as a “wild and scenic river”.  With much of the river bank terrain being wide and open, it really does offer terrific wildlife spotting opportunities as well as seeing the beautiful array of wild arctic flowers.

Noatak National Preserve is still home to many people, so it’s always courteous to remember that you’re in somebody elses backyard, as it were. The people have heavily relied on fishing and living off the Alaskan land and nothing much has changed, so if you come across local people fishing, hunting or picking berries, exchange a polite greeting and try not to get in the way. 

As you might expect, summers are short, cool and mild, winters are long and bitterly cold. High winds are common right through the year so do be prepared and wear lots of warm layers of clothing, especially if you are hiking or camping out. A pair of waders is also a good idea, you will come across lots of wet bits.

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The soundtrack on this has been disabled so don’t keep fiddling with your volume knob – but it seemed to give a good account of Noatak so I included it anyway . . . you’ll have to hum or something.

Did you remember your waders? Good job too . . .