Piscataway Park

View of the Potomac from Mount Vernon

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Piscataway Park

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  • Recreation Activities: Fishing · Hiking · Wildlife Viewing

Piscataway Park was established to help protect areas which George Washington himself declared, a couple of hundreds years ago, to be “No estate in the United America is more pleasantly situated than this” about Mount Vernon. If it’s good enough for George W, then it’s good enough for us too. Thanks to him (along with many others) the view hasn’t actually changed all that much either.  Piscataway Park has helped to stop obtrusive urban expansion from eating away at this area of such remarkable beauty, and covers around 5000 acres, stretching six miles all the way from Piscataway Creek up to Marshall Hall, located on the Potomac River.

Piscataway Park is home to many different species of animals, birds and plants. Beaver, bald eagles, osprey, fox and deer all call Piscataway Park home, as well as many other species. There’s also a fishing pier as well as many trails, boardwalks over the wetlands and wooded areas. Piscataway Park really is a great place to visit. It will generally be hot in the summer time (especially July and August) with the risk of thunderstorms, cold in the winter time with muddy conditions along the river, so take your waders.

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