Presidio of San Francisco

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Presidio of San Francisco

  • Where is it?: – San Francisco, CA
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Biking · Camping · Educational Programs · Fishing · Hiking

Presidio of San Francisco was an army post for 218 years which makes this a fantastic place for anyone who is interested in exploring centuries of architecture, a national cemetery, walk through an old airfield, walk to the beach, through the forest or just stand and admire the scenery – Presidio of San Francisco is a great place to be. It’s also great for fishing, biking, hiking and camping. Many of the military activities which took place here actually helped to preserve it, you see, the public are not allowed to wander around on military bases are they, and the parts which were undeveloped were pretty much left to their own devices, meaning that the native animals and plants survived perhaps more than they would have under different circumstances.

San Francisco has a pretty Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers (often foggy), and wet winters. You will need a pair of strong hiking boots, in fact, comfortable walking shoes are essential in San Francisco wherever you intend to go. Just remember that this place is a unique world within another world, and the ecosystem needs to be protected as much as possible. Look but don’t touch, and take your litter home with you!

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You really can learn a lot, about a lot, on a visit to Presidio of San Francisco