Rock Creek Park

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Rock Creek Park

  • Where is it?: – Washington, DCPark
  • Special Topics: Civil War
  • Recreation Activities: Biking · Educational Programs · Hiking · Horseback Riding

Rock Creek Park has very many different places of interest for you to visit, especially if you have an interest in the Civil War. There’s a little more to it than a few memorials though, you can also enjoy the fresh air, watch out for wildlife (you might spot a white-tailed deer, but they’re pretty shy) and really drink in the beauty of the place – this gem located right within the nation’s capital. 

Here are some of the wonderful diverse sites which you can visit in Rock Creek Park:

  • The Old Stone House – one of the oldest structures which still stands in the nation’s capital, a simple 18th century house which was built and inhabited by common people – like you or I. Who are you calling common? Anyway, it’s a great place to find out how ordinary Americans lived all those years ago, our ancestors.
  • Battleground National Cemetery – established in 1864, just after the Battle of Fort Stevens. More than 900 were killed or injured during the 2 day battle, and 41 of the Union soldiers who fought and died so bravely were interred here in a cemetery which was specially created and dedicated by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Fort Reno
  • Nature Center and Planetarium – first developed in the 1950’s this place is just great for finding out all about the parks cultural and natural history – there’s some pretty amazing and hands-on stuff to do too, and an amazing observation beehive where you can actually watch the busy busy bees working through glass panes.

Just an example of the many diverse sites which are waiting for you, at Rock Creek Park.

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Ooops, I forgot to tell you about the horses.

What a great way to spend a few hours, that trail looked gorgeous, and did you hear the birds singing? Paradise.

Alright, enough with the horses, it’s a great place to hike too . . .